Shade of “Uncle Ned” and all good [REDACTED]s hover across the music stand of the Imperial Gassner – that is when you have his permission. Joking apart, the letter to which I allude is most insulting to all the members of the musical career right here, excluding the coterie whose compositions M.

second daughter of the late Capt. Gilbee, of Standon Hall, Berkshire. MUSIC – Violin, Harp, and Cornopeon taught. Musical instruments of each description readily available, cheap. W. Gigney, 121 Little Bourke-street east. Our old favorites, Madame Carandini, Miss Urie, M.M. Laglaise and Lavenu,

Isabella MELODIA

Prof. Gee is a good favorite, and his associates are pleased with this chance of showing their regard for him. It will partake extra of the character of a musical festival, or jubilee – because of the great Isabella MELODIA quantity collaborating. It will happen on the Grand Opera House, San Francisco, in May . James Gee, a piano pupil of Robert Barnett (of the Royal Academy of Music), arrived in Melbourne on the Great Britain in February 1865, as pianist to the actor and vocalist Edith Palmerston.

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Knew Mr. Hogue for a couple of years; always found him a sincere and really sober man; by no means heard anything unhealthy of him; keeps a very respectable house. Mr. Purefoy known as as witnesses, Valentine Bridekirk, George Achurch, Thomas Abbott, the Rev. Frederick Wilkinson, William Lowe. Mr. Gabb, an old and experienced chief of orchestras, had been chosen leader of the society;

In Fremantle on Saturday and Monday eveniugs final they performed to crowded houses, scores of people having to be refused admittance. On Wednesday (this) night they play at Guildford; thence proceed to York, Northam, and Newcastle, the place they will be tremendously appreciated. On their return from the Eastern districts they may again play in Guildford, Perth, and Fremantle, when they are going to be sure to draw bumper homes. This cantata is a composition in four components, which had been severally rendered by Mesdames Sara Flower and Carandini, and Messrs. F.

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Nor can it’s deemed a language so universally understood, although perhaps in more general use than the others. Much the same, nonetheless, as physicians, of all different professions, are probably the most quite a few, because almost each old lady prides herself on a fancied information of the healing artwork. MISS GILBEE respectfully intimates that her Seminary for Young Ladies will re-open on Monday subsequent, 17th prompt. sixty eight, Stephen-street, Eastern Hill, Near the Protestant Hall. By special license, by the Rev. I. Hetherington, Esq., Mr. William Bennett of this metropolis, to Louisa,

which promises to have an intensive and permanent circulation. The design is to produce, at a very trifling cost, a succession of favourite vocal and instrumental compositions; the choices being from the best masters, and the getting-up to be in a style of magnificence appropriate for the music-stands of the drawing-room and boudoir. The alternatives for the first two numbers of the Cadeau are the Australian Emigrant, and a Valse Militaire, by Vincent Wallace, a really good composition.

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saying, that, as he was the only Policeman present, it was his responsibility to clear the room. Mr. Gale unfortunately resented his interference, and struck at him. Inspector Rose fell in opposition to the wall, but, immediately recovering himself, returned the blow by a stroke from a heavy hammer-handled whip which he had in his hand.

The man shall have an opportunity, sirs – prerogative I maintain; The Royal word is sacred, sirs, and mercy may be bold!” . Day after day remanded

The performances last evening at this in style place of amusement commenced with Shakspere’s tragedy of “Hamlet,” in which Mr. Warner absolutely sustained the impression made by his first impersonation of thee character. The piece was as nicely put on the stage as could be expected in a provincial theatre, and passed off with nice eclat.

We have been shewn some specimens of Lithography, executed by Messrs. Penman, Galbraith, and Campbell, who have lately arrived right here from London; and definitely for design and execution we never earlier than noticed something to surpass the ability displayed by these gentlemen. The accession of a lot expertise is decidedly an acquisition to the province, and will meet we doubt not with the patronage it deserves. GRAND ITALIAN CONCERT AT BURALL’S ASSEMBLY ROOMS. Will be assisted by an efficient Pianist and some first-class vocalists.