Any fan of music may understand the surge of anticipation that follows the release of a new album. You could make any dull day a little bit better by playing a thousand times on repeat a dozen or so brand-new tunes.

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Students must be prepared to pay for it in order to encourage musicians to compose more excellent music.

Imagine working for weeks and then receiving a large reduction from your income. That is the difficulty that musicians have as a result of unauthorized music downloads.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry states that 35% of internet users obtain music illegally. Of those who download music illegally, 49% of 16 to 24 year olds use YouTube and other websites to watch content for free.

Some people may attempt to rationalize their behavior by claiming that musicians make a sufficient amount of money or that they would purchase the music if they couldn’t afford it. Every year, millions of people contribute to significant losses in the music industry by downloading music illegally.

Music firms have the ability to swiftly eliminate unprofitable musicians if fans refuse to pay. It may also have an adverse effect on struggling artists, making them create less or, worse, nonexistent. The success of musicians is directly impacted by the money paid for their music.

If students aren’t motivated enough by doing the right thing and ensuring that artists receive payment for their work, they should also be aware of the possibility of being discovered by the Recording Industry Association of America. Unauthorized music copying can result in fines of up to $250,000 and a maximum five-year prison sentence for anyone found guilty.

A candy bar or a pack of gum each cost almost the same as a song, thus people are unlikely to steal them in order to obtain them for free. The majority of individuals are aware that something as foolish as stealing is not something they should do because they are morally upright people, but rather because they don’t want to be discovered.

When it comes to music downloads, the same mindset is required. Avoid getting caught doing something dumb and having to pay hundreds of dollars in fines for a song that is just a few cents.

While using well-known streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora may seem more convenient and morally just, it may also present issues for musicians. Although there are superior approaches, the artists may receive absurdly little money from these streaming platforms.

For instance, according to Digit Music News, musicians receive $0.00014123 for each ad-supported stream on Spotify. This implies that in order to make $100, an artist’s song would need to be streamed 703,581 times.

While it may not be difficult for well-known musicians to have their music played millions of times, many of lesser-known artists struggle to turn a profit that supports them. According to Nielsen’s 2016 U.S. Music Year-End Report, there are millions of musicians worldwide, yet just 650 artists, bands, and collaborations were listed on the Top 200 Song Consumption ranking.

Using a streaming service is totally acceptable for people who aren’t sure whether to purchase a certain music or are just too poor to do so. Over 140 million people use Spotify, while over 76.7 million listen to Pandora. It would be illogical to advise students to delete their accounts.

But students shouldn’t limit their music consumption to streaming platforms, especially when it comes to smaller-known musicians.

If they can’t support themselves financially, gifted musicians won’t create music, even if it’s their passion. Students must pay for more fresh, high-quality music if they desire it.