Your online business directory listings may appear on the first page of a Google search in addition to your website pages. What you should do is as follows:

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1. Set up a business profile on Google

For local company owners, Google company Profile is becoming one of the most effective—and free—tools available. Google My Business is a source from which both Google Maps and Search generate local listings, also referred to as Business Profiles. Adding extra details to your business profile may be done quickly and easily by creating a Google Business account. This will help your business profile show up on Google Maps and Search’s first page (the local results section). In order to oversee, manage, and improve your listing, be sure you complete the process of claiming and validating it.

2. Enhance your business profile on Google

Speaking of listing optimization, I see this as a different method since, although a Google listing can increase your visibility, its ranking power is limited. Optimize your Google business listing for optimal visibility instead of just adding basic information and hope it comes up in one or two searches. Here’s how to do it:

Fill out every field on your profile.

Your Google My Business listing will be more likely to appear on the first page of search results the more information you provide to it. Actually, comprehensive Google My Business listings receive 7 times as many clicks as incomplete ones do on average.

Retain a constant name.

Make sure your company always goes by the same name. Google dislikes differences, even the little ones like “Co.” vs. “Company.”

Revise your data.

Not only might a consumer be turned off by not being able to locate your business, turning up to discover it closed, or trying to phone and receiving an operator, but they may also become suspicious of your company and leave a bad review. Maintain your Google listing and make the required adjustments so that it may be sufficiently trusted to appear at the top of the list.

Include images with your listing.

Google Business Profile aims to give customers as much information as possible about a company before they even come into contact with it. This encompasses the experience of being at that establishment, so be sure to add pictures that show off not just the goods and services your company provides, but also the ambiance and customers that visit it.

2. Get feedback from clients

It should come as no surprise that companies with more good Google reviews appear on the first page of results since Google searchers like reading what other people have to say about businesses. To quickly encourage reviews across all of your online platforms, ask consumers in person and provide a shortcut link for reviews. Although this technically comes under the category of Google My Business improvements, keep in mind that your ranking is affected by a number of other review sites.

3. Add your company to more directories

Even if Google Business Profile is a useful tool, you should still make and improve listings on Yelp and other well-known directories. First off, your company’s Yelp page may very likely appear on Google’s first page for pertinent queries due to Yelp’s huge traffic and widespread Google trust. Secondly, having a strong listing with favorable evaluations enhances your internet visibility overall. Google receives signals from online reviews and links from other reliable websites, which are factored into their ranking system.

Check that the rest of your online directory entries are correct and thorough, updated, consistent across platforms, and that you are gathering and replying to reviews, just as you do with your Google Business Profile. Remember to include images in your internet listings as well.