Any kind of hotel can benefit greatly from having a lap pool, leisure pool, or vitality pool as a value-added amenity. Don’t pass up the chance to make the most of your water features, regardless of whether your hotel caters to corporate travelers, large groups, school excursions, family vacations, or individuals, singles, or couples.

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Which kinds of pools work best for different kinds of hotels, and how can you make sure you install the most appropriate and useful water element to your property? The secret to maximizing your return on investment with hotel pools is to know what your clients are interested in and to make the most out of your building and outside area.

This post will discuss the most important factors to take into account when selecting a pool for your hotel, the kinds of hotels and pools that go together the best, and the finest pool designs to improve both your interior and outdoor water areas.

How to pick the ideal pool for the kind of hotel you stay at

Here are some suggestions to help you choose a pool that complements your hotel and make sure that your guests will love the water amenities you offer.

The architecture and style of your hotel

Selecting a pool will be influenced by your hotel’s design. A lap pool, zero edge pool, or even an outdoor spa pool are the greatest options for a matching minimalist design if your contemporary structure is mostly covered with glass and inox and has a muted color palette. A glass or stainless steel pool will go in well with a contemporary environment. On the other hand, marble tiles can improve the atmosphere around your swimming pool.

However, elaborate outdoor spa and relaxation pools with coordinating terracotta stone patterns could be advantageous for more conventional or rustic hotel styles. If your hotel is designed in the chalet style, another option is to use echo wood decking.

If you want your spa to be located indoors and be apart from the rest of your hotel, you may go with a sleek, contemporary design. Nonetheless, a warm-hued, wooden spa design would look fantastic in a mountain lodge.

Room for your swimming pools

When creating a pool, you’ll undoubtedly want to make the most of the little area you have. If you have adequate room, think about installing a standard lap pool. These are excellent for leisure use by all kinds of patrons, from business to pleasure travelers.

Homes with limited interior space or restricted to subterranean pool options may decide to add a hot tub or a vitality pool. A Finnish sauna and a treatment room are great additions to tiny rooms that work well in most hotels and are appropriate for both business and romantic lodgings. As an alternative, you might build a single-lane lap pool or a rooftop pool to ensure that guests may work out while they are visiting your hotel.

Using water elements as décor

You may add other kind of water features to your hotel than swimming pools. Other choices include water features like water walls, curtains, or fountains at the entrance, or a water show as a defining feature for your company. The so-called “dry deck fountains” are another popular choice; they offer a multipurpose, lively, and revitalizing atmosphere for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Selecting a pool that fits the style of your lodging

The hospitality sector has changed over time to provide customers with a variety of experiences. According to the winning strategy, every hotel and resort builds a swimming pool as a statement of their philosophy toward hospitality.

This implies that all features and design decisions, such as potential locations and ambiance, must continue to be consistent and in line with the preferences of their target market. The appearance and allure of your hotel may be significantly impacted by the choice of pool or water feature. Here are a few recommendations.

Resorts and vacation and leisure lodging

A sizable leisure pool is a need for a resort hotel. A huge pool with a shallow end or a large adult pool combined with a smaller children’s pool should be installed. The entire family may enjoy the water in safety in this way. Little ones’ splash parks, lagoons, water slides, themed pools, and other such amenities look fantastic at a resort and encourage tourists to stay longer since they have access to additional entertaining venues.

In these installations, hotel swimming pools are often large areas with a dual emphasis on wellness and entertainment. Thus, if space permits, your resort may also profit from a wellness center that offers treatment pools such as flotation therapy pods and spa pools like a vitality pool. Non-residents can pay a price to visit any of them on their own, or you can bundle them into a package for your hotel guests.

Hotels with a lifestyle

Lifestyle hotels have a particular personality and décor, sort of like a boutique or luxury hotel. Whether quirky, modern, avant-garde, funky, or attractive, a lifestyle hotel is often found in an urban setting. Its architectural design and decoration often reflect the culture of the nation or area in which it is located. The numerous exceptional areas, services, and experiences are designed with the visitor experience as the focal point, encouraging them to spend as much of their free time as possible there, reliving the local way of life. Because each lifestyle hotel is different and has its own style and quirks, they provide a personalized and distinctive experience. These might include traditional performances, unique lobby spaces and rest places, restaurants serving regional food, art galleries, etc. Capturing the essence of the place in one area is its fundamental objective.