The dating scene of today can be very overwhelming. Every year, a growing number of dating apps and websites appear on the scene, making it challenging to know where to begin and how to sort through the abundance of choices. It may be time to engage a matchmaker to help you take the initial step toward a successful partnership.

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The search of a lifetime is to find someone who is truly ready for commitment, who shares your values, and who fits your distinct personality. Although it’s never easy to find a partner, matchmaking offers specialized knowledge to make the process more effective and pleasurable.

Compared to using dating apps, using a professional matchmaker will give you a higher success rate, more quality matches, a greater sense of safety, less dating stress, time and energy savings, personalized service, and confidence throughout the dating process.

Continue reading to find out more about matchmaker advantages and the reasons why other singles feel comfortable hiring a matchmaker to help them find “the one.”

1. Offers a Feeling of Security and Privacy

It’s important to have a safe dating experience, but this doesn’t always happen. “Almost half of women [surveyed] think dating sites or apps are an unsafe way to meet people,” per Pew Research. Many users report receiving offensive or unsolicited messages, or being harassed in some way.

On the other hand, people who use a matchmaker might feel more secure and safe. Knowing that their potential matches have been vetted, screened, and background checked by a human—not an algorithm—gives them peace of mind. For the safety and privacy of each client, matchmakers are the only ones who have access to each user’s personal information and photos. Singles feel more at ease using matchmaking services when their profiles are private and only visible to matchmakers.

2. Reduces Stress Associated with Dating

Finding a new partner with whom to build a lasting relationship can be stressful. Modern dating can seem like a chore, with endless meetups, chatting, and swipes. In addition, you’re constantly unsure if the individual on the other side of the screen will be a suitable match. These elements may cause people to completely give up on dating or to feel depressed and gloomy about their chances of finding love.

Flee from dating fatigue, please! Whispers matchmakers provide a stress-free and enjoyable dating experience. Individuals seeking a committed companion can feel secure in the knowledge that their personal matchmaker is screening and selecting only well-suited singles for them. Then, a completely planned date is included when clients get a match! All you need to do is present yourself with an alluring demeanor.

3. Conserves Energy and Time

About 40 hours a week are dedicated to work for the average American who works. This amount does not include time spent exercising, cooking, cleaning the house, traveling to and from work, or any other activities. You’re left with very little time for a social life after subtracting all that time for necessities, much less time to find a date through apps or social hangouts.

Exclusive matchmakers, please step forward. Since time is of the essence, Whispers matchmakers prioritize working closely with clients to deliver an unforgettable experience, fully aware of the hectic lives of their clients. Depending on the package you choose, all they offer is matches and additional correspondence.

Depending on how many matches you’d like over a specific amount of time, you can select from a number of packages when you hire a matchmaker through Whispers. For those who would rather take a more detached approach and receive matches only sometimes, there are other options. When assisting singles in starting their search for love, matchmakers take into account the fact that each person has unique relationship objectives and life circumstances.

4. Offers a Greater Chance of Success Compared to Dating Apps

Although the usual range for dating app success is from 1% to 3%, it can reach up to 17%. In contrast, Whispers boasts an 80% success rate in a client’s first 12 matches. That is quite a distance, isn’t it?

One possible explanation for this disparity in dating success is that dating apps prioritize quantity over quality. You will quickly see hundreds of profiles when using a dating app, and there is no guarantee that users will match with that many people. One could become addicted to the game of swipe.

When you work with a matchmaker, that is not the case. Whispers matchmakers carefully evaluate potential customers and manually choose matches according to each person’s values, character, and preferences. When you combine that with their years of experience guiding individuals through their romantic journeys, you’ll have a winning formula for successful dating.

5. Provides Higher Caliber Matches

Finding someone who shares your values, enjoys your hobbies as much as you do, and fits your personality type can be challenging. Even though nobody is perfect, it’s crucial to partner with someone who has similar relationship objectives and is on the same page as you. It can be challenging to do that when using dating apps because the individuals you match with might not be interested in a committed relationship or have enough information in their profiles to tell you whether or not to move on.

Having someone whose sole responsibility it is to find you compatible matches is one of the main advantages of hiring a matchmaker. They take on the difficult questions, saving you the trouble. They conduct thorough background investigations and delve deeply into their clients’ personal histories. They ensure that a possible date fits your personality and preferences and satisfies your requirements, also known as deal breakers. Plus, everything is finished before you even meet!

Just keep in mind that while you might prioritize specific compatibility traits, self-awareness, an open mind, and a willing heart are necessary for a real relationship to succeed.

6. Offers a Customized Experience

When it comes to using a matchmaker, what is dating? You get a very individualized experience with a matchmaker—someone who is there to assist you while you meet matches and go on dates.

Firstly, Whispers matchmakers assist in creating deep and meaningful relationships between two exceptionally compatible singles. This entails helping the appropriate people find matches at the appropriate moment. However, meeting quality matches does not guarantee that you won’t face difficulties along the way. When clients are struggling to find a compatible match, matchmakers know how to delve further. Following each date, the clients will have one-on-one meetings with their matchmaker to go over the outcomes of that particular date. In order to make a better match if there was no chemistry or a connection, the matchmaker will then learn more about the client’s relationship objectives.

7. Increases Self-Belief

It’s normal to feel a little awkward when you first meet someone, especially if you’ve had dating fatigue or have recently resumed dating. It’s not easy to put yourself out there!

Because of this, after every date with a Whispers matchmaker, you’ll receive dating advice, direction, and comments that will help you be confident in yourself, open to opportunities, and handle those sometimes awkward first dates. You get the resources you need from our matchmaking service to have a fruitful dating endeavor.