Describe ThetaHealing.

Vianna Stibal developed the meditation method in 1995 after used it to regain her health following a medical condition.

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Theta Healing guides you into a Theta Brainwave, which is essentially an extremely calm condition, through meditation. Your subconscious mind may be reached by the Theta Healer after you’re in that calm condition.

The energy of creation and pure unconditional love is what I connect to during a Theta Healing session. This energy can also be referred to as universal energy, source, consciousness, energy of love, creator, or God. In the end, it’s an energy higher than yourself.

The Theta Healing practitioner can be intuitively prompted to ask the proper questions, identify the underlying source of the problem, alter old beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and habits, and replace them with new, empowered, and beneficial feelings, ideas, or habits by connecting to that energy.

How then does ThetaHealing function?

As a result, when we alter our beliefs, we also alter our feelings, which influences the decisions and new, constructive activities we do. By using a Theta Brainwave, which is similar to the dreamy state just before sleep, Theta Healing is able to access the subconscious mind.

Interestingly, when theta brainwaves are prominent, the sentiments of ecstasy and inner calm are experienced just then. This is because scientists have recorded electrical activity in the brain using an electrophysiological monitoring technique. We can communicate with your subconscious mind, which stores your experiences, memories, creativity, emotions, beliefs, and spiritual connection, by using the theta brainwave.

To identify your roadblocks and limiting ideas or emotions that could be impeding your intended result, we employ questioning strategies. Similar to a life coach on steroids hence quite potent inquiries that produce revolutionary outcomes.

All brainwaves are employed to effect alterations in the subconscious. In order to transform or overcome the obstacles in your life, practitioners intentionally (beta) enter the subconscious (theta) and use super learning (gamma) to rewrite programs into your subconscious (theta). They then enable these programs to flow (alpha) into your current and conscious mind (beta).

My problem seemed to have miraculously vanished when I had my first Theta Healing session; I had no idea how it was resolved. Then, intrigued, I made the decision to enroll in a Theta Healing course in London taught by Bourgeon and Skylar Acamesis, a theta healer. Since it had been a while since my first session, I was really dubious. Throughout the course, I was able to completely dispel any skepticism since I was seeing firsthand how the modalities and concerns transformed. And thus began my passion for Theta Healing.

Here’s a video of one of my group sessions. While it employs some of the same procedures as a private session, this is not the same as a one-on-one session.

How safe is ThetaHealing?

Indeed, indeed, and indeed! ThetaHealing is completely risk-free. Like everything, there are obviously excellent and terrible ThetaHealers. Always read over their testimonials and perhaps look into any other certifications they may have. A code of ethics should be adhered to by all trained ThetaHealers. It is not feasible for a Theta Healer to rewire your mind unless you are fully cognizant and aware of it yourself. (And even then that’s impossible) It is not hypnosis. Keep in mind that you are free to end a session whenever you choose.

What is the benefit of Theta Healing?

Because most, if not all, of our problems—stress, anxiety, weight gain, illness, sadness, grief, and relationship problems—come from our brains, ThetaHealing may be utilized to shift and alter a wide range of regions and problems. Furthermore, we may alter the issue by altering our feelings and thoughts.

The following areas are where Theta Healing might be helpful:

Loss of weight

vigor and drive

Well-being and Illness

discovering a soul mate and love

Recovering from Heartbreak

Overcoming Fears and Occupations

Emotional problems: remorse, melancholy, hurt, heartbreak, humiliation, and envy

Grief and Bereavement

Being alone

Anxiety and stress

Spiritual Development

What advantages can Theta Healing offer?

I could probably write a whole essay on the several advantages I have personally experienced with Theta Healing. For now, though, I’d like to discuss a few advantages that Theta Healing has brought about for myself and my clients. Check out my website’s client love if you’d want to read more. Sincerely, I’m so appreciative that I found ThetaHealing, and I know that my clients are in awe following each session.

My customers have benefited from Theta Healing by finding romance and love, losing weight, and overcoming their obstacles to exercise. It has assisted people in navigating divorces and getting over animosity. Their self-worth has increased, and they feel more powerful and confident as a result. Many of my customers have found their dream jobs, made the switch to freelancing, and increased their income because to Theta Healing. Among their accomplishments are company launches, independent global travel, pregnancies, and injury recoveries. Sincerely, there are countless advantages. Therefore, I’d argue that the answer to the query, “Does Theta Healing work?,” is an emphatic YES!

It has had a profound effect on my sense of self-worth, sense of empowerment, alignment with my objectives and aspirations, and ability to be gentler to myself while still achieving the achievement I want. I have removed a lot of the barriers preventing me from achieving success and finding love, and I have healed many injured aspects of myself. I’ve increased my income, developed a business, and cultivated more devoted connections.

I could go on and on about all the benefits and transformations that my customers have had, but the only way you will know if you are inquisitive and feel a nudge in your direction that this may be the answer to your issue is to give it a try.

Recall that everything in your life is your responsibility and that you are the only one who can make changes.

I would love to welcome you to a one-on-one session if you’re interested in learning about one of the quickest, most pleasurable, and meaningful methods to conquer your obstacles. Here is where you may view it. I provide online and in-person Theta Healing sessions in London, so you may participate from any location in the comfort of your own home.