The following are a few well-liked categories of photo booth rentals:

Walls and curtains are not present in an open-air photo booth, which is a more contemporary design. Visitors snap pictures while posing in front of a green screen or backdrop. More individuals can fit in the picture with this format, and there are more backdrop alternatives available.
Enclosed photo booth: This classic design has curtains and walls for seclusion. Visitors are welcome to enter and snap pictures, and the enclosed area may give a playful and personal touch to the occasion.

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GIF/photo booth: This kind of photo booth creates an animated GIF or a photo collage by quickly taking a number of pictures and combining them. After that, visitors may email or post these on social media.

Self-service/DIY photo booth: In this kind of photo booth, attendees use a camera or tablet that the rental business provides to take their own pictures. It is set up by the host or event planner. This is a more cost-effective choice that works well for smaller gatherings or parties.

Black and white photo booth: By taking pictures in this style, one may achieve a timeless and traditional aesthetic. Visitors still have the option to apply color or filters at a later time.

A mirror photo booth is a form of outdoor booth that incorporates interactive elements like touch screen technology and animations, utilizing a full-length mirror. It’s an entertaining and engaging method for visitors to snap pictures.

Green screen photo booth: With this green screen backdrop, users may select from an assortment of backdrops for their pictures. This might be an entertaining method to take pictures that fit the event’s theme or d├ęcor.

Slow-motion video booth: With this kind of photo booth, attendees may take amusing and engaging videos that are captured in slow motion. Visitors can email or post these films on social media.

Digital picture booth: Using their own devices, attendees may snap pictures remotely with a virtual photo booth and then see the images in a digital gallery. For events that are hybrid or virtual and that visitors might not be able to attend in person, this kind of photo booth is ideal.

Station for printing hashtags: Although it’s not a true photo booth, several photo booth rental businesses provide this well-liked option. Visitors snap pictures with their phones and post them to social media using a designated hashtag. These images are then instantly printed for guests to take home from the hashtag printing station.

Depending on your region and the rental provider, there can be other unique or specialized alternatives available in addition to these few typical sorts of photo booth rental services.